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The Bakery "the House of Bread":

The Bakery was enstablishedin 1982, a few kilometers from Padua and Venice, in the village of Pernumia. Today, after a thirdy year long experience, we are proud to offer our "hand stretched breadstick", the result of the combination between the original artisanal techniques and the most modern technology. Our Grissini are available in 4 varieties: sesame, extra virgin olive oil, 8 roasted cerals and antique varietis of farro hulled wheat.

The whole array offers a typical and unique taste, which is strictly linked to the handmade production and the peculiar climate conditions of the Euganean hills.

After a 12 hour natural fermentation, "the dough" is worked with sourdough and with carefully chosen natural ingerdients. Afer the bread bough has been le trest, the Grissini are individually hand stretched, following the artisanal traditions of our "master barkers".

The bakery specialties:

They are many and they are delicious! Here are some of our proposals:

Accompanied by a glass of wine or alone, with a slice of ham or a flake of Parmigiano cheese, they are the perfect snack at any hour of the day!

The flavor is in the simplicity of the ingredients!